We work closely with internal teams every step of the way, from identifying the best location to planning, hanging, and marketing each show.

Location is everything

We start with a site visit to evaluate possible locations for your on-site gallery. Every office is different, but the best locations tend to be high-traffic / visibility, including the main lobbies, all-hands areas, hallways, and cafeterias. Criteria to consider:

  • Amount of wall space (we recommend a minimum of 20 linear feet)
  • Visibility, traffic and use of space
  • Lighting, power and hanging options
  • Security
  • Duration of availability


Once we have an idea of the space available, we’ll develop a proposal. This will include a detailed breakdown of the process, scope, and budget.

  • Exhibition frequency and duration (preference is for quarterly, with a 1 year commitment)
  • Schedule (timing required for each step of the process)
  • Curation parameters (local, non-offensive, typical price range $200-$3,000, etc.)
  • Budget breakdown (artist fees, labor, insurance)
  • Rights (attribution in press / photography)
  • Sales (how transactions are processed, how artwork is delivered)


We will coordinate with your facilities or workplace team to ensure a smooth hanging and opening event.

  • Access for installation
  • Each exhibition will have an opening event (private or public). This will be scheduled to work with the company calendar to avoid conflicts.
  • Security and catering for the opening is the responsibility of the company


To market the event internally, we create a number of communications pieces. Writing, design, and printing of materials is covered in the budget.

  • Internal physical promotion (posters)
  • Emails (announcement for opening, reminder, closing)
  • Exhibition brochure
  • Postcard takeaways


All sales are handled by the gallery, and subject to local sales tax. Sales taking place outside of opening or closing receptions will be conducted digitally.


We can also help plan and run a variety of events around the exhibition, including:

  • Artist talk / presentation
  • Panel discussion
  • Artist studio tour